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The petition signature process has been closed and is being delivered to the board. All told, the petition received 711 verified signatures, and a significant
additional amount that we were unable to verify or contained incomplete information.

Karen Brockway, Parent
“I am a parent of a GCC student. The current data for Grove City College clearly indicates a decline in purpose and function. The current leadership seems to be more interested in GCC’s existence as a rural business and trade school than a conservative academically elite liberal arts institution. GCC once proudly stood in opposition to progressive methods and ideologies. Unlike Harvard, Princeton, Yale etc., GCC was unashamedly remaining true to its Christian conservative academic roots. It had continued to flourish as an institution dedicated to conserving western civilization and conservative intellectual foundations. The current leadership put GCC on this different road. It’s embarrassing to be paying for an education at a declining ex liberal arts school. I am not recommending GCC to fellow conservative parents. New academically inclined leadership enthusiastic about GCC’s conservative Christian roots would bring much needed revitalization.”

Trevor McKay, Parent
"This is my son’s letter sent after he transferred out of GCC. He received no reply:

‘President McNulty and Board of Trustees (please forward to board members), As you may know, I was a Trustee Scholar and a rising junior who decided this summer to transfer out of Grove City College. While there were several reasons for this decision, the clear emergence of critical race theory and woke ideology both in chapel and in the classroom only managed to further solidify my resolve to seek education elsewhere. I witnessed this emergence first hand in both spheres and was labeled a racist in class my freshman year due to these philosophies. The experience I had was far from the unabashed conservative Christian education I hoped and prayed for when I first decided to attend Grove City. These ideas should be brought up for discussion through the lens of a Biblical worldview, not stated as fact or pushed as ideological truth. Given the silence and inaction of the administration, along with the current unapologetically vocal refusal of certain Grove City faculty to comply with the directives of the Board of Trustees, I am convinced that Grove City College has lost its sense of leadership, conviction, and direction in these troubling times. I hope and pray that I will be proven wrong.  Benjamin McKay.’"

Randy Densmore, Parent
“This is heartbreaking to me. My second of six children graduated in 2021, with a fantastic education and two bachelors degrees, but the devastation that had begun by then and is a crisis now means I cannot recommend GCC to any of my remaining children, and I feel compelled to caution other Christian parents about the treachery that has taken hold there. If GCC honors God, HE can manage the enrollment problem of Paul McNulty’s fears. What the President has done to GCC is like a pastor who is silent on abortion and transgenderism for fear of controversy that might lead to a decline in attendance and giving. Love would not give hell such an open door.”

Colette Dimalanta, Parent
“When I attended Grove City, we used to joke that we were in the “Grove City Bubble.” Some may think this is awful. Looking back, it was exemplary. Why? Because we are told to train a child up in the way they should go. You don’t just turn them out to the wolves to be devoured. To build a foundation, takes some protection and guidance and training. It takes gatekeepers, whichis what the board and president of this college are. When men and women are leaving their homes for the first time, it is a very impressionable season. I have watched time and again, young minds be warped by their college professors and ideas that are put there at universities. Talking about controversial topics should be done, but in the light of a Christian perspective. Our young men and women need to be learning ways to combat the darkness, not join in with it. I don’t know exactly what is being taught there now, but if this petition is correct, I would implore you to reconsider why this change in trajectory. Grove City used to be a safe place for men and women to mature fully under the leadership and guidance of incredibly devout Christian professors. The Grove City Bubble…was actually a wonderful place to be as an 18 year old trying to find my purpose in this great big world.”

Travis Barham, Alumni
"When the Board announced that Paul McNulty was the incoming president of Grove City College, I rejoiced. Shortly thereafter, I convinced my brother to attend the College because President McNulty was at the helm.

But the results of his tenure have been singularly disappointing, from allowing critical race theory to gain a foothold on campus to presiding over the decline in the College’s academic reputation and standards. It remains incomprehensible that President McNulty and his lieutenants would respond to parents, alumni, and friends of the College who have cared about this institution enough to express their honest (and later Board-validated) concerns by attacking them, questioning their integrity and motives, and then ignoring them. And it is sad to see that he and his administrators are more committed to facilitating a divisive ideological fad that will destroy the College’s reputation than they are to complying with the Board’s directives.

Thus, it is now time for leadership change so that the College can get back to the fundamentals of providing a rigorous liberal arts education grounded in a Biblical worldview and conservative principles that ordinary Americans can afford. This is what attracted me to the College in the first place. This is what caused my family to remain affiliated with the College over the last 24 years. And this is what countless Christian families earnestly desire as they select a college for their children."

Kevin Sutton, Alumni
“President McKenzie was brought in in 1972 to clean up the college and set it on the right path. This needs to be done again.”

Marian R. Sanders, Alumni
“It’s so sad to see the GCC administration follow in the footsteps of many other institutions of higher education. GCC used to be a leader not a follower.”

Shaney Mitchell, Alumni
“I disapprove of the teaching of CRT at Grove City College and will discontinue my annual donation if the college continues to allow this type of curriculum.”

Stacey Fischer, Parent
“Because of these serious issues and the lack of responsible actions we have withdrawn our student.”

Jack Roberts, Parent
“I am a parent of four GCC graduates and urge the Board of Trustees to return to the core values that made the College unique, attractive, and effective.”

Susan Barry, Parent
“CRT is anti-God. If Grove City College is to remain a conservative, Christian college, then those that are for teaching CRT need to be removed.”

Katherine Hunter, Parent
“Two years ago, we chose Grove City College because of its unapologetic Christian values, unlike so many elite Christian colleges, including my alma mater, Wheaton. CRT has arrived at GCC because the administration wants it. If we wanted our kids to learn that Marxist ideology, they would go to our state school.”

Benjamin Salaji, Alumni
“Half a decade ago now, I chose Grove City College because I want to found a non-profit educational organization, and to be qualified I wanted a quality, Christian education. As a student I got that, but I saw a culture hostile to that and witnessed in the Chapel the push for the ideology that has destroyed the rest of American higher education. I feel lucky that I came when I did, as I’m not sure I would get that education were I one of the people currently applying to the college. For the good of the country, this ideology must have its advance through culture halted and reversed, and the college that took the government to the Supreme Court for independence can return to that spirit and be the place truth defeats lies and Christians hold their ground.”

Caylah Lanning, Alumni
“My entire senior year and end of junior year was filled with nothing but CRT laden chapels. I could go on for ages about the terrible things I heard in my last year. Something needs to be done about this because there was no biblical foundation for the things being preached. Grove city has never been further from a Christian college than it is now.”

Moriah Bridges de Valdez, Alumni
“Please take action to maintain the conservative cultural heritage of which we alumni are so proud!”

Cynthia Taaffe, Parent
“I hesitate to sign and ask for anyone’s job to be at risk, but personnel is policy. If the college doesn’t take some care in regards to personnel, the problems will grow. Grove City is no longer in lists of leading national conservative liberal arts colleges (e.g., a recent City Journal article, https://www.city-journal.org/the-quiet-right-movement, lists Hillsdale but not GCC). As demographics put pressure on colleges in the next 10 years, being outstanding as a conservative college, rather than joining the crowd of liberal schools, is going to keep GCC distinctive and competitive.”

Joshua Barham, Alumni
“During my time at Grove City, I grew to greatly admire and respect Pres. McNulty. During my three years as a RA and also working in his office, I regularly interacted with him. It is with great sadness that I am signing this petition. Not only am I signing this, but as a proud GCC Alum I have had to seriously rethink which college to recommend based upon the lack of commitment evidenced in the administration’s actions to both follow the Board’s directive and also their response to parents and fellow Alumni concerned with the College’s drift. Recently, I was approached by several church members on which school I would recommend. Based directly on the administration’s stance on this series of events, I recommend New Saint Andrews and or Hillsdale College. The family in question ultimately chose New Saint Andrews College. What was especially telling was the fact that the family ultimately decided to send their oldest two kids to New Saint Andrews even though one of the parents attended GCC, several grandparents lived in close proximity to campus, and the thousands of dollars in additional expenses that would be accrued in traveling to and from Idaho. The odds that any of the six additional siblings will attend GCC as a result have been drastically reduced as well. Why the change you might ask? Because Truth matters and one cannot toy with it. The Board’s findings were clear and called the administration to fix the missional drift. Despite their call one cannot see any alteration in the trajectory and or actions of the College so far. Instead of attending to those opposed to the mission of the College, the administration has continued with the narrative that there really isn’t anything here and have attempted to discredit those seriously concerned over the path the College is taking. As a result, I am signing this petition asking the board to take the necessary steps to ensure that a new administration follows the directive of the Board to acknowledge and show their commitment to correct the missional drift of Grove City College.”

Scott Douglas, Parent
“I would encourage the trustees of Grove City College to contact Dr. Everett Piper, former president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, to mentor them through this process.”

Scott Klusendorf, Parent
“It’s painful to arrive at this point. I sincerely hoped the current administration would take strong corrective measures against CRT on campus, including releasing faculty who did not align with the College’s historic Christian identity. Sadly, that has not happened.”

Bryan Hunter, Parent
“The word ‘reprehensible’ is never one to be used lightly, yet in surveying the timeline of events and seeing the arrogant and defiant reactions of those promulgation and promoting CRT I can only define their behaviors as such. Reprehensible.”

Jospeh Tutak, Alumni
“In the 90’s, William F. Buckley called Grove City College “the last bastion of American [conservatism].” I am disappointed by its loss of this status, reduced to nothing more than just another “regional” “city” college.
CRT, BLM, etc. are pure cultural poison and need to be eradicated from today’s society, most importantly from places of higher learning. I expect better from my alma mater.”

Donald Woodward, Parent
“There must be consistency between the directives of the Board and the implementation by the administration. Lacking this, the administration must change, especially in the face of GCCs declining standards and academic drift. We need a president with the courage of Charles MacKenzie.”

Stephanie Klusendorf, Parent
“I pray that the governing forces at GCC are courageous and take the necessary steps, as painful as they may be, to bring the college back in alignment with its Christian core principals. If this isn’t done, our children and generations to come will suffer. The choices of truly Christian colleges are diminishing quickly so we need Grove City College to remain true to its historic identity.”

Anne Douglas, Parent
“We love GCC and we want her to be true to the faith and not to conform to the world’s agenda.”

Jennifer McCarren, Alumni
“The petition states clearly the concerns about the drift, and now sudden slide, away from and downward from the fundamental principles and standards that defined our faith and confidence in Grove City College. What was once GCC that stood apart from the world, we are now watching it be dismantled like many other “monuments” in the war against CRT. Many thanks to the people mounting this effort.”

Brian Bailey, Alumni
“The freedoms we share were and are not free. Many people have sacrificed their time, their fortunes, and their very lives to sustain them. We, in our present day, cannot be apathetic. We must stand in the gap!”

Mary Barham, Donor
“I have gladly helped fund two siblings when they attended Grove City College. I knew they were going to be getting a great education based upon a Biblical worldview. It sickens me to realize that the money I sacrificed was used to undermine that worldview. Since the administration has shown that they’re unwilling to fix the problem by removing the people who created the problem, I cannot recommend this school because I do not like the path they are going down.”

Catherine Matthews, Parent
“I lived through CRT and its destructive effects to my family when I grew up in China. The last thing I want is to see this evil be promoted in a conservative Christian campus.”

Linda Densmore, Parent
“Thank you to the faithful ones who are prayerfully, thoughtfully, patiently and diligently working to save our beloved Grove City College.”

Tom Reay, Parent
“I am very concerned that the current leadership doesn’t have the proper perspective to lead GCC away from the dangers of the cancerous CRT ideology.”

Gregory Gallagher, Parent
“The stated goals of the proponents of CRT seek to undermine the liberal values of Western Civilization including the nuclear family and a republic based upon freedom of expression, freedom of religion and the rule of law. The curricula must include the discussion of this Marxist philosophy, but advocacy and establishment of CRT by the College will lead as it always has to the chilling of open discussion due to fears of being labeled and sanctioned as a bigot.”

Lynne Barham, Parent
“Over the last almost twenty-five years three of my children have attended Grove City College. Each was very involved in college life through various clubs and activities, campus work, and residence life. Our family was drawn to the school because of its reputation for academic excellence, a core humanities curriculum, and a decisively Christian worldview. As I heard of the many corroding influences of colleges and universities, and the moral and academic drift of these schools; I was confident and glad my children were in a good place. So what is happening to Grove City College now? As a mom, I know children learn if a parent means what he says. Problems result if children are consistently allowed to disrespect and disregard parents. In similar manner, the Board of Trustees operates to guide and oversee the management of Grove City College. This past semester has witnessed President McNulty and the administration trivialize and ignore the Board’s report of last spring. Because no repercussions against them have been taken, Dr. Throckmorton and others have been emboldened to denigrate the school and create more confusion on campus for students. The reputation and future of the school are at stake. The woke culture will continue to bring difficulties for Christian schools, especially given its relentless push to overwhelm Christian convictions. Grove City needs strong and solid leadership going forward. I will be disappointed if after the time and clarity with which the Board arrived at its report last spring, no action is taken to hold President McNulty and the administration accountable to change.”

Erin Butler, Alumni
“With 2 children in high school I would like to have my confidence in Grove City College offering a Christian education in time for them to consider attending.”

Jonathan Metcalf, Alumni
“It saddens me as an alumni that donated to GCC every year until the recent leftward turn, I have had to end any financial support until a course correction is made.”

Matthew Moody, Alumni
“I enjoyed my time at Grove City College, but I believe it has made a turn for the worst. They are standing on a hill they do not want to die on.”

Shawn Ryan Calihan, Alumni
“Consider our school’s mission statement.”

Sara Cole, Alumni
“The past four years I spent as a student at GCC were certainly formative and challenging intellectually. I had a number of wonderful professors who helped strengthen my understanding of God and the world according to Biblical Truth. I believe, however, the increasing drift away from this Truth in particular areas of both the administrative and classroom levels at the college necessitates action by the board and a change of leadership.”

Carl Nelson, Alumni
“This issue is concerning to me and should be to GCC, based on the college’s principles. I hope changes will be made to the current trajectory it appears to on.”

Benjamin Wisdom, Alumni
“James 3:1-4:11”

Charles Brockway, Parent
“The administration is lacking in competence, commitment, and judgment. Without a leader who has a clear understanding of the times, and a backbone, GCC will go the way of all the other formerly-great Christian schools. Grove City needs a Standing Man.”

R. Erika (Brasher) Calihan, Alumni
**"**Sad to see this college, like many presbyterian institutions, surrender to woke ideology. I pray the board will open their eyes to this leftist encroachment and seek to redeem what is seemingly lost. I appreciate the efforts of this group that seeks to restore and maintain one of the few bastions of conservative thought remaining in our country."

J.F. Kowal, Parent
“God, Family, Freedom & GCC.”

John Tutak, Friend of Grove City
“I hope that GCC doesn’t fall victim to wokeness.”

Betsy Radcliffe, Friend of Grove City
“If the Administration is not paying attention to the Board and the mission of the college, they need to go. As Edmund Burke wrote, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.” Clean house. We need Grove City to continue to be the shining light on the hill.”

Brad Tupi, Friend of Grove City
“CRT is racism. It pits one racial group against another. Its proponents have no place at Grove City College.”

Wesley M. Creedle, Friend of Grove City
“My wife profited much from her GCC education; so have I and so will our children. What is good must be protected and what is obviously evil, refuted. Sola Scriptura, Solus Christus.”

Missy Pratt, Friend of Grove City
“Wokeness is a product of communist ideology. It corrupts everything it touches. It has no place in an institution such as Grove City College.”

Janet Cook, Friend of Grove City
“Leave the Woke agenda and get back to basics that made this this college great.”

Daniel Janosik, Friend of Grove City
“CRT is diametrically opposed to Christianity. It should not be taught in a supportive way in any Christian college or university.”

Joe Eller, Friend of Grove City
“We need to get these divisive ‘woke’ ideologies out of Christian institutions. They are anti-Christian and very destructive.”

Allan Hale, Friend of Grove City
“As an alumni of Geneva College, I would hate to see our rival poisoned by worldliness. Praying for both our schools.”

Anonymous Current or Former Employee
“GCC has been experiencing gradual mission drift for at least a decade or more, coming to a crescendo recently. I chose to work there because of its public identity. However, upon arriving I quickly discerned an internal identity crisis and ideological battle that only worsened the longer I remained. Senior admin, particularly the current president, penalized anyone who raised questions about the identity and direction of the institution. It became clear that my theological orthodoxy was not welcomed by my chair, assistant dean, dean, new provost, and president. I chose to leave and develop my career elsewhere. GCC internally has not been what it claims to be for at least a decade. One can only hope and pray necessary changes are made. But the institution must make a choice: change the administration and return to its historic roots and identity or “stay the course” and “progress” going the way of Calvin, Wheaton, and other such institutions.”

Anonymous Current or Former Employee
“I was so disappointed by how President McNulty and his administration handled the parents’ concerns about CRT. Whether he failed to recognize that there was a problem or was unwilling to admit it happened on his watch, the way he accused parents of acting in bad faith was unacceptable. Grove City faculty have always seen our role as “in loco parentis,” and President McNulty’s behavior violated that sacred trust. When the Board investigation showed the parents were right to be concerned, President McNulty should have apologized and taken swift action to correct the problem so GCC could move forward. Instead, he mismanaged the aftermath, and now the College is facing enrollment and recruitment problems, loss of prestige in national rankings, and increased tuition at a time when rising inflation makes it harder for families to afford college. I can’t remember a time in the history of the College when so many major problems have arisen at once. Grove City will need a unity of spirit among all its constituents to climb out of this hole, and I don’t see how President McNulty can effectively unify all these groups now that trust has been broken. President McNulty is a good man, but GCC needs a new leader; I hope he does the honorable thing and steps aside for the good of the College.”

Anonymous Current or Former Employee
"While I have not witnessed widespread wokeness at GCC, I have seen a failure of leadership starting with the President and many Vice Presidents. Faculty pay has been frozen yet our president’s pay has risen to half a million dollars with nothing to show for that besides vanity projects, like the library and grown athletics. Our endowment has not grown, our need-based aid has decreased, our enrollment standards have lowered. VP’s refuse to value the student experience and would rather protect the perceived institutional reputation and their own jobs/power than confront difficult issues. The result is the opposite, an institution without a clear mission and inefficiency across the board. Leadership cares about image more than action and are not equipped to manage. Some new leadership has put pressure on them but their grip too protected by the President, hence why they’ll do anything to protect him, even at the expense of the greater institution.

This refusal address issues has allowed for mission drift and confusion. When leadership doesn’t lead you can’t blame the people on the ground for acting in good faith under the guidance they were given. Christ first was forgotten, allowing our conservatism to be unguided and unfounded. Unfounded leads to weakness and uncertainty and the situation we find ourselves where discontent is the norm and leadership hides, squashing any criticism that threatens their power. Fixing this fixes our mission drift, bringing GCC back to its roots of true conservative academic pursuits."

Anonymous Current or Former Employee
“The current state of leadership at the college is in desperate need of restructuring. The VP’s are ineffective, holding onto power and creating a vacuum of waste directly leading to the current situation. There is little to no communication between departments, the President is misinformed and has not pressured his VP’s to fall in line. His own pay has risen to close to half a million dollars when faculty pay has been frozen. New leadership has put pressure on the established culture of waste but more radical change is needed and quickly before GCC further jeopardizes its identity. We’re not in danger of going woke, we’re in danger of letting lazy leadership that’s attached to slogans and memory of GCC letting the walls crumble for their own vanity.”

Anonymous Parent
“It is sad to see another conservative school stray from its mission. CRT has no place at a Christian College. It seems the academic quality at Grove City has really declined since my son was a student there. Change is needed. I pray that the Board will act to ensure their recommendations are executed to return Grove City to it’s spiritual and academic roots.”

Anonymous Parent
“I agree with the many thoughtful comments here. In reading them, especially those from employees, I have learned even more concerning information. CRT is opposed to God - it is based on lies, seeks to divide, seeks to create false guilt, is coercive, and many other destructive things. Related ideologies pushed by Dr. Throckmorton and others are patently anti-Biblical. While I am ambivalent about calling for Paul’s resignation, I call on him to implement the Board’s directives immediately, as is his duty. That should not even be a question. I do call for Don Opitz to be replaced - he came to GCC from Messiah, which by all appearances went dramatically ‘woke’ under his tenure. CRT in chapel is an abomination. I likewise wonder if some large donors are pushing CRT, as I learned at least one is involved in woke organizations in professional life. Will GCC’s historic mission be set aside for monetary gain? Are new buildings worth straying from Biblical teaching? Lastly, the diminished intellectual standards and reputation are disquieting - how will Grove City degrees then be regarded when seeking employment and graduate admission?”

Anonymous Parent
“As a current parent, I love this institution and desire it remains true to its mission. A little leaven leavens the whole lump, and the admin and board need to eliminate the progressive/liberal leaven. Soli deo gloria.”

Anonymous Student
“Don Opitz as chaplain has not exemplified what Grove City has stood for, and has a chapel entitled Marginal Saints on November 30th.”

Anonymous Student
“Grove City College is a special place quickly becoming generic. This shows in every aspect, especially in architectural changes across campus. The new library is a new wave atrocity and Rockwell is going to recieve a modern renovation. The college needs to take a stand for conservative values and stop attempting to modernize and make “progress”, an inherently liberal idea.”

Anonymous Student (Former)
“I went to Grove City College because of its conservative standing beliefs, since I live in a progressive state. One of the major reasons I left was because the current leadership reminds me of other colleges back home. Why leave New England if the college is not standing on its core principles.”

Anonymous Alumni
“McNulty has become the Mitch McConnell of GCC. He just got too comfortable and now naively nurtures a subversive click at the college that embraces the divisive Jemar Tisbies over the biblical Voddie Bauchams of the world. He prefers to pretend there’s no battle against heartland American values. Let him coast at home than at the helm.”

Anonymous Alumni
“As an alum and donor of 10+ years to GCC, I have witnessed my alma mater slowly being infected with divisive politics, anti-biblical worldviews, and several left-leaning staff and disgruntled alums who believe it’s their duty to disrupt and deconstruct the permanent things that make this college uniquely great. Grove City College is a Christian AND conservative college. It’s not supposed to embrace the trend of the day; rather, faculty and students are to test worldly theories against the Truth. We’re living in a crucial moment – now is not the time for GCC to turn its back on its conservative roots.”

Anonymous Friend of Grove City
“The leadership of Grove City College has demonstrated only tepid weakness in the face of an unprecedented onslaught of outright demonic deception. As one of our few supposedly Christian educational institutions, it is vital that GCC stand against the sinful tide of this age.”

Anonymous Friend of Grove City
“Let’s look at the last decade. Does GCC still have the distinct ID as it once did? No. What‘s the common denominator in what led to the institutional decline? We all know that answer.”

Anonymous Friend of Grove City
“Remaining anonymous due to my close connection to the College, but signing because GCC needs to abandon wokeism and return to Christian roots.”

Anonymous Friend of Grove City
“I’m so disappointed to see Grove City College take this well-trodden path to mediocrity. GCC used to stand for something distinct, and was placed in the 0.1% of colleges and universities who were not overtly beholden to leftist orthodoxy. In it’s effort to join the 99.9%, GCC has renounced all claims to its bold distinctives. Why would I send my children to faraway Northwest PA to a school that provides a boilerplate education that is identical to the rest of the generic “Christian Liberal Arts” establishment? You would need much more than a pretty campus, long winters, and near-zero name recognition (outside of PGH) in order to get me to entrust you with my children and my money. Better to send my kids to the local state school, while continuing to educate them at home and in their own church.”

Anonymous Friend of Grove City
“My brother recently applied to GCC, but has been most disappointed by the declining academic standards and lack of institutional support for orthodox teaching and morality amongst the student body.”

Corey Miller, Parent

Wesley Coopersmith, Alumni

Lawrence W. Reed, Alumni

Eli Lowry, Student

Isaak Jones, Student

Jordan Roberts, Alumni

C.R. Wiley, Parent

Dina Peebles, Parent

Tonja Johnson, Parent

Andrew Irving, Alumni

Jeffrey Layden, Alumni

Josh Harstine, Alumni

Kaleigh Layden, Alumni

Matthew Jensen, Alumni

Emily (Stumpf) Creedle, Alumni

Kevin Sutton, Alumni

Heather Barber, Alumni

Josh Lowry, Alumni

Benjamin McKay, Student

Patrick Weeks, Alumni

Rose Zylstra, Parent

Kristin (Siegworth) Cooney, Alumni

Timothy Archer, Alumni

Brian Craig, Alumni

Christopher Robison, Alumni

Daniel Collins, Alumni

Lauren Martz King, Alumni

Virginia Yates, Parent

William Krut, Alumni

Andrew Marston, Student

Ed Robison, Parent

Richard Osselborn, Alumni

Walter Wiggins, Parent

Lauren Barham, Donor

David Batluck, Donor

Joshua Butler, Alumni

Joe McGuire, Parent

Martha McInnis, Parent

Janet McKay, Parent

Jeffrey Stirland, Alumni

Deborah Reay, Parent

Charles Brockway, Parent

Amanda Thompson, Alumni

William J. Moran, Parent

James Pittman, Alumni

Alan Robison, Parent

Martha McInnis, Parent

Martin Stumpf, Parent

Kim Stumpf, Parent

Brad Finkelbeiner, Parent

Debra Jones, Alumni

Nick Freiling, Alumni

Kelly McLaughlin, Parent

Jeff McLaughlin, Parent

Janet Katulich, Parent

Wesley Curtis, Alumni

Nate Jenny, Alumni

Edward Robinson, Parent

Emily Dixon, Alumni

Hope Mason, Alumni

Stephen Dewey, Donor

Robert Pecchio, Alumni

Derek Burger, Alumni

Suzanne Burke, Parent

Frank Ayers, Alumni

Brad Strauch, Alumni

David Lindemann, Alumni

David Jones, Alumni

Robert Clark, Alumni

Eric Fairchild, Alumni

Jane Dunsworth, Parent

Wendy Gallagher, Parent

Kent Husted, Alumni

Carey Husted, Alumni

Tim Batluck, Alumni

Rebecca Batluck, Alumni

Jayna (Bates) McGowan, Alumni

Caleb Van Grouw, Student

Rachael A. Van Grouw, Alumni

Monique Condon, Parent

Donald Barry, Parent

Julia Gallagher, Student

Paul Bussom, Alumni

John Radcliffe, Friend of Grove City

Josh Daws, Friend of Grove City

Thomas Sheehan, Friend of Grove City

Sergio de la Pena, Friend of Grove City

Ismael Hernandez, Friend of Grove City

Thomas Phillips, Friend of Grove City

Colin Redemer, Friend of Grove City

Peter Privitera, Friend of Grove City

Jonathan Lugo, Friend of Grove City

Michael Carlino, Friend of Grove City

James H. Dundas, Friend of Grove City

Susanna Gould, Friend of Grove City

Jacon Enns, Friend of Grove City

Nate Schlomann, Friend of Grove City

Terry Gant, Friend of Grove City

Claren Jones, Friend of Grove City

Monica Warren, Friend of Grove City

Rebecca Jones, Friend of Grove City

Nathan Franklin, Friend of Grove City

Deanna Krause, Friend of Grove City

Nathanael Barham, Friend of Grove City

Judy Robison, Friend of Grove City

Michael Pasarilla, Friend of Grove City

Mark Gunning, Friend of Grove City

Daniel Thomas, Friend of Grove City

Anna Osselborn, Friend of Grove City

Stephen Grammar, Friend of Grove City

Travis Hooser, Friend of Grove City

Rhett Burns, Friend of Grove City

Joseph Knowles, Friend of Grove City

Christian Winter, Friend of Grove City

Frederick Jenny, Current or Former Employee

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